Graphic Design Service for Bags


Graphic Design Service for Bags



JohnPac offers graphic design services to market your products whether you have existing art for your woven polypropylene bags or starting from scratch.

It’s competitive out there. How can you make your feed, grain, pet food, or other dry flowable products stand out? The obvious solution is compelling branding…graphics that capture what your product and what your company is about. At JohnPac, we have the experience to create or enhance your brand identity.

We also offer translucent woven polypropylene that will allow your product to show. Many brands use this effect on their bags’ gussets so their product can be viewed on the side. We also use the technique of printing a white layer on your bag’s film with unprinted or “knockout” areas strategically placed. This film is then laminated to translucent woven polypropylene material to create windows that showcase your product while displaying the design that makes up your brand.


What if you don’t have a design?

This is not a problem for our team. We have developed relationships with many of our customers who were just starting out and now have brand recognition. This was accomplished through clear communication of what our customers wanted graphically. From there, we collaborated by showing them digital designs of what their bag artwork could look like and modified as needed.

We use industry standard software to design your bag graphics. We also can provide renderings of what your bag may look like with art placed onto a 3D model.


What if you already have existing art?

We enjoy working with existing art. To ensure its production ready, we need artwork in a vector format. These file types include .ai for Adobe Illustrator, .eps, or some .pdfs. Not sure if your artwork complies? No problem, upload your file to our website at We will take a look at your files and let you know if your art is vector ready or how to get your artwork ready for production.

Other ways we use existing art: We often resize existing files to fit perfectly onto our bags. Our customers also ask to change colors or modify existing art for a new product.

Depending on the scope of your project, our graphic design work may be included in the cost of your bags. Our professional graphic design fee is $80 per hour.

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