New Packaging for Refrigerated Food and Medicine Products

JohnPac is now offering The Cube. The Cube is formed from interlocking polystyrene refrigeration panels.

Benefits of The Cube:

It's economical! The Cube uses less dry ice, gel packs, or regular ice to keep your products frozen or cold.  It is also reusable for multiple trips.  If The Cube happens to get damaged, you can replace an individual panel instead of tossing the whole package away. There is also no need for costly extra protection such as dunnage and void fillers which has the benefit of reducing waste.

Factors of The Cube's polystyrene insulation make it a superior choice to ship sensitive products. It's insulation holds a stable temperature for medicine and food stuffs that need to remain refrigerated or frozen.

It's Safer! Because of the control you have with the panels, you can load The Cube without bending over into deep boxes.  Also, no need for box cutting to dismantle and unload thanks to The Cube's patented interlocking walls.  Don't forget about the importance of leak resistant packaging when it comes to products that melt. The Cube's patented tray like bottom helps to eliminate leaks that may cause a slipping hazard on floors and work spaces.

The Cube is also an environmental choice due to its multiple uses and trips.  Polystyrene is a recyclable product.

The Cube is available in 2 sizes.

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