Tariffs won't Affect our bulk bags


Tariffs Won't Affect Our Bulk Bags



On June 24th, a tariff on bulk bags (FIBCs) from China may go though.

You probably can already feel it; the price increase at your local big box stores on everyday staples. The looming cloud of price uncertainty as you source your supplies.  No doubt China is a major player in today's business supply chain.  With the next list (List 4...anything and everything China manufactures) teetering on being implemented by the Trump Administration, the stability of sourced bulk bags from China is dicey.


JohnPac is not effected by these tariffs.  We manufacture bulk bags here in the United States. We also store bulk bags with a stocking agreement at our warehouses to help you plan better and keep your pricing stable. 

Other Benefits to JohnPac bulk bags:

You don't need to hold on to the uncertainty of seeing what June 24th will bring. Contact us today!



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