FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk containers) are made of flexible material and go by a variety of terms such as bulk sacks and bulk bags.

JohnPac guarantees supply security by offering both U.S. and offshore bulk bag production. Our custom-manufactured bulk bags and sacks are super strong and produced in every style, with a variety of available options to satisfy any customer requirements. JohnPac's bulk packaging is versatile, with safe handling capacities between 500 lbs. and 5,000 lbs.

Common uses for FIBCs include chemicals, minerals, dyes, resins, detergents, food, sugar, salt, nuts, plastics, grain, clay, cement, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, seed, sand, flour, rice, ground rubber, beans, and refractory products.

Bulk bags are also used to redirect mudslides and streams. Oil rigs use them to hold excess waste. In addition, some styles may be filled with sand for use in flood control.

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Learn more about FIBC Safe Handling Guidelines here



Minimum Order: 100 North America/1000 for imported bags