Can be used to hold basic and speciality chemicals, minerals, carbon blacks and food stuffs. Download FDA bag flyer.

Design Benefits of Our Food Grade Packaging

  • Versatility - configuration to your specifications, provided all materials/methods are approved by the FDA
  • Materials - FDA approved fabric and liner made from 100% virgin (pure) resins (recycled resins cannot be used due to contaminants and debris inclusions)
  • Craftsmanship - rolled seams, enclosed edges
  • Production - dust extraction and off-floor production
  • Machinery - food grade cleaners and lubricants are used on all machinery to ensure sanitation
  • Pest Control - integrated pest management system to prevent contamination
  • Inspection - our process clips and removes loose threads from bags and ensures all bags are up to FDA regulations
  • Safety - metal detection offers additional safety
  • Employee Training - extensive plant sanitation and food grade training program/practices for all JohnPac employees

Minimum Order: 100 North America/1000 for imported bags