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We carry multiple designs and sizes of contour buffer panels as void packaging fillers. Void fillers create bracing for freight transit. This product eliminates chaffing against rail car walls and prevents the rotation of D.I.D. air bags. The corrugated honeycomb design is especially suited for both center and sidewall voids.

Benefits include:

  • Fast, easy installation (reduces labor cost)
  • Space saver (can be stored flat)
  • High-impact absorption capacities to deter damage

Minimum Order: Minimum order will be a full truckload. The individual quantity will based on thickness and size. We can aid you in the calculation when you provide details. Get a quote from us.

Example: 26 in. x 41 in. x 33 in. (35 pallets / 1400 individual) full truckload
49 in. x 96 in. x 4 in. (12 pallets / 312 individual) full truckload

contour buffer panels

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