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Company History

In 1930’s America, it wasn’t so unusual for a child to quit school and begin working to support his family. After all, times were tough and money was scarce. At age 10, Mitchell John, a boy whose father died when he was only four years old, found himself in just such a position. After fourth grade, he joined the ranks of other young children whose schoolrooms were the farms and factories of America’s small towns and urban cities. A native of Crowley, Louisiana, Mitchell began working for a company that made burlap bags used to ship the town’s most important crop, rice. He worked for that company and other bag companies until the outbreak of World War II.

In 1941, Mitchell John left Crowley, a newly enlisted Private in the Army. He returned home in 1945 only to discover his job at the plant had been given away to someone else. But fiercely independent and full of plans for the future, Mitchell began looking for opportunities to go into business for himself. In the early 1950s, his dream became real when he opened Louisiana Bag Company.

Initially, Louisiana Bag Company’s business was focused solely on supplying burlap and cotton bags to the rice farmers in and around Crowley. But as the reputation of the company grew, interest in the John’s bags did too. In the 1980s, Louisiana Bag Company, now jointly owned and directed by Mitchell’s sons, David and Peter, expanded to include not only bags, but industrial packaging products as well. Louisiana Bag Company became a one-stop packaging solution for customers, many of whom had been with the company for more than 20 years. The Johns’ area of service also grew – extending throughout Louisiana and into the American South.

In 1992, the brothers opened LA PAC, a woven polypropylene bag manufacturing plant of both small bags and bulk bags. For the first time, the Johns’ were supplier and manufacturer of their customers’ bags. In 1997, the two companies moved to a new facility. On Easter Sunday of 2003, that facility burned to the ground.

But the John’s, as determined as their father before them, set up a temporary shop the very next day. And so while construction got underway on a new facility, Louisiana Bag Company, the distribution arm, and LA PAC, the manufacturing arm, continued to provide quality packaging solutions to customers across the nation and around the globe.

In 2005, champagne bottles christened the opening of a 165,000-square-foot warehouse and manufacturing plant, new home to the John companies. In the fall of 2006, the decision was made to grow the companies again, this time venturing further into the highly competitive U.S. and global industrial packaging markets.

Today, JohnPac, still privately owned, is a merger of both companies and boasts a workforce of over 150 strong, a fleet of 14 semi-trucks, polypropylene extrusion machines, numerous circular looms, multiple full color printing presses, advanced machinery, customized bag products, and warehouses loaded with multi-million dollars worth of on-site inventory – all operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right here in the USA.

JohnPac – Meeting your packaging needs for 50 years and counting.

Our Mission


JohnPac secures the packaging and shipping interests of customers in the U.S. and around the globe by manufacturing customized woven polypropylene bags and bulk bags and providing industrial packaging options on time, every time.

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