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JohnPac carries interlocking refrigeration panels to form “INSULATED SHIPPING BOXES” for 2 sizes.
INSULATED SHIPPING BOX 1 is a 42″x 42″ x 26″ tall
INSULATED SHIPPING BOX 2 is a 42″x 42″ x 52″ tall

ADVANTAGES of Insulated Shipping Boxes:

+Uses less dry ice, gel packs, or regular ice
+Reusable for many trips
+No need for dunnage and extra protective packaging
+Can purchase replacement components of the CUBE as needed

+Patented interlocking walls eliminate having to bend over into deep boxes
+No need for box cutting to dismantle and unload
+Patented insulated tray bottom is leak resistant, eliminating leaks that may cause slippery floors

+Superior insulation properties compared to standard shipping materials
+Holds a stable temperature for sensitive products and food stuffs that need to remain refrigerated or frozen

+Made out of recyclable polystyrene


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