Today, for the first time, the employees of JohnPac achieved a significant milestone by working 1,000 days without incurring a lost time accident (LTA)! Congratulations to all! For almost three years, employees have safely worked day after day such that they were able to return to work the next day and continue to contribute to the team’s successes. The employees achieved this milestone by doing several things.

First, they carefully focus on their work to ensure they do not place themselves in a way they can injure themselves or others.

Second, they team with their fellow co-workers to help each other ensure the other is working safely.

Finally, through safety meetings at the floor and management levels, opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented to create a culture of continuous improvement. These concepts not only apply to how our employees work safely, but the employees also apply these concepts to ensure the quality of the products they produce meet our customers’ expectations. However, it does all start with safety, as JohnPac believes our most valuable asset is our co-workers. Thank you and congratulations to all of our co-workers for achieving this fantastic milestone!