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JohnPac donates 14,000 bags to flood cleanup in Waverly, TN

Unexpected flood waters roared through middle Tennessee, Humphry County, on Saturday, August 21st.  The devasting flood was brought on by strong back-to-back thunderstorms drenching the area with 17 inches of rain in under 24 hours.  The flood cost the lives of 22 people, destroyed homes and businesses, and left a mourning community with a daunting cleanup initiative.

Like in so many of these catastrophic events, the community comes together, leaders and volunteers emerge, and donations from the hearts of the compassionate come in.

Louisiana, the home base of JohnPac, is no stranger to catastrophic floods, and of course, the spirit of a community that springs into action to help a friend or neighbor. So, when JohnPac sales representative Pete Anderson received an email from his account located in Waverly, Tennessee, he promptly communicated with CEO Mary Ellen Henry on what situation the Humphry County community is currently enduring. Mary Ellen Henry, who grew up in Sevierville, Tennessee, reached out to volunteers to see how JohnPac could contribute.  It was decided the gesture of a pallet of 14”x26” woven polypropylene sandbags (14,000 bags) would be the endearing offer.  The sandbags, not used in their traditional application, would greatly aid in packaging and bundling cleaning and sanitation supplies for easy distribution.

The aftermath of a natural disaster is often measured in damage. How much will it cost to rebuild? What was the toll on human life? But we hear of other aftermath stories that go beyond measure. These are the stories of kindness and generosity when it is so critically needed.

“You guys hang in there.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in Tennessee.  Hey, after all, we are volunteers!” CEO Mary Ellen Henry

waverly flood cleanup

flood water in Humphry County Tennesse destroyed homes