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In the early 1950’s, JohnPac Inc. made its debut. Owned and operated by Mitchell John, JohnPac began supplying the rice industry with burlap and cotton
bags. In 1980, Mitchell’s sons Peter and David John, became joint owners and expanded into the industrial packaging products. In 1992, Peter and David
invested in manufacturing polypropylene bags. This allowed them to make small bags and big bags (FIBC) to supply their customers with their packaging

JohnPac can not only import BOPP bags, but we can manufacture them in Crowley, LA.

So what is the different between a plain woven bag and a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bag? A BOPP has better print qualities as well as
better strength and durability. The print will be protected and the artwork will not rub off. Because of the high gloss of the BOPP film and the
detailed artwork, the BOPP bag will stand out on retail shelves, while a plain woven bag will not.

JohnPac has 2 rotogravure presses, which can print picture-like artwork on a bag. The press has the capability to print up to 7 colors. Here is an
example of a bag we recently manufactured for a customer:


Custom printed BOPP Bag Artwork

Actual Bag

Custom printed BOPP bag

The advantages of letting JohnPac manufacture these bags domestically are:

  • Shorter lead time (about 4 weeks for repeat orders. Imports are 14 weeks)
  • Amazing customer support from the Johnpac team
  • Better quality product (Better resin for the quality you need)
  • Strict quality control measurements
  • A domestic backup for the unknown of importing bags
    • When the ports strike and you don’t know when you will receive your bags, Johnpac has the manufacture support to manufacture them domestically.
      This scenario recently happened in 2015 when the union workers went on strike at the ports.
    • Flexibility to accommodate the customers lead time or rush orders

Typical lead time is around 4 weeks for repeat orders and the minimum order is 25,000 bags.

JohnPac has more than 14 years of experience in extrusion, printing and bag manufacturing. Please contact your JohnPac sales rep for more information.