Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

These days, most of us are at home practicing the “shelter in place” measure due the COVID-19 outbreak.  Many of us are also electing the convenient option of online shopping, and this is changing how stores and distribution centers operate. So how can you capitalize on this e-commerce boom? The answer may rest in two areas that we can assist you with, warehousing and automatic packaging machinery.

Warehouse space

Did you know there are 13.5 billion square feet of industrial real estate space in the United States and only 5.2% is vacant? Source This is an impact of e-commerce growth.  Your warehouse space is a hot commodity, and you need every square inch of it to run your business without too much inventory. Our Vendor Managed Inventory Program may be a solid option for you to utilize our space to store your packaging products while freeing up your cash since you only pay for product once it ships.

How does our Vendor Managed Inventory Program work?  You sign a simple stocking agreement with us that includes a minimum and maximum on volume which we will have at any given time. We typically hold your stock for up to 90 days.

Automated Packaging Machinery

Automated packaging machinery such as automatic case erectors and stretch film wrapping machines are a valued component to any manufacturer or distributor.   This is especially true in light of the COVID-19 pandemic where manpower is on short supply as we practice social distancing.  Automated machines are being used in place of multiple people to do the same jobs. These high functioning machines are keeping employees safe while adding to increased efficiencies and lower human error.  Because these machines take the place of multiple workers, it reduces your overhead cost.  Production can continue even if there is a viral outbreak such as COVID-19.  JohnPac offers a selection of automated packaging equipment and equipment systems.

Through our VMI programs and automated packaging equipment, JohnPac can support your E-commerce efforts.  Call us today about how you can take advantage of our warehousing programs and equipment.  You can also visit our website,, to view our selection of packaging equipment or call our toll free number 866-916-2247 to learn more about JohnPac’s offerings.