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This week, the Food and Drug Administration launched a new online dashboard to help measure progress made in the regulatory oversight of food safety issues and the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The new Food Safety Dashboard is part of FDA-TRACK, which is a tool the FDA uses to monitor certain FDA programs through key performance measures. The data will be updated regularly to ensure transparency to the public.

The FDA will publish metrics relating to its findings in implementation of the law through the dashboard. For a thorough understanding of the system, it is best to click on both of the links provided above.

The new program reports data on topics such as the total number of firms that had Class I or II recalls that are subject to the preventive control regulations. Although it is too soon to establish trends in the program performance report, the initial data in FDA-TRACK show that since 2016, the majority of companies inspected are in compliance with the new requirements of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) for animal food.

The dashboard introduces metrics for food safety outcomes, associated measures and initial data for certain aspects of FSMA. Over time, the Food Safety Dashboard will be populated with additional data to show more FSMA outcomes. The initial metrics are tracking outcomes of inspections and recalls for CGMP, Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls and data relevant to the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs.

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Visit FDA’s FSMA webpage for the latest FSMA news and to sign up for email updates. For questions on any aspect of FSMA, please contact the AFIA legislative and regulatory staff:

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The Food Safety Modernization Act impacts all aspects of feed and pet food manufacturing and as such, the American Feed Industry Association has been heavily involved in providing comments to the Food and Drug Administration on its various rulemaking proposals and working to better define the costs and benefits of the rule. Learn more about the industry’s work on FSMA on AFIA’s website. Contact AFIA’s legislative and regulatory team with questions.

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