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Are you sure your pail is UN rated for Liquids?

Get the right pail for your product!


Pails are a great inexpensive solution for packaging all sorts of versatile products ­– solids, powders, viscous oils, and thin liquids — the list can go on. But with the endless choices of pail manufacturers and quality control issues, what seems like a simple solution to store your product can become
a headache!

One common fail in pairing the wrong pail type to a product is a UN pail rated for solids paired with an incorrect UN spout top lid. This pairing is a deception. The spout top lid signals the pail can be used to house a liquid. The supplier is correct in saying the pail is “UN rated”, but the packaging will eventually fail in transit. WHY? Because with movements and vibrations that come with transportation, the liquid will seep out where the lid joins with the pail. This particular UN rated pail was tested and passed for solids but did not go through the testing for liquids to qualify for a UN liquid rating. Both pail and lid need a UN rating for liquid to reassure the seal is sufficient to prevent leaking. What seems as an economic packaging solution will cost more in the long run if not used correctly.

Our experts can lead you in the right direction for choosing the correct pail for your product. They have knowledge about the manufacturing resins of pails to the assemble process for lids (not all closed head pails are assembled with the correct process). We have the experience to prevent problems and keep the savings in your pocket.

See our helpful guide on deciphering a UN code.