Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

During our annual sales meeting there was much discussion around adaptation and how adapting to an individual’s environment allows for sales growth and
synergies. At the macro level – JohnPac’s efforts to adapt includes expanding into new markets and product lines. Indeed, over the last 3 months, JohnPac
has proven its ability to adapt through growth in automation sales and market expansion!

We are pleased to announce that starting in July 2016 – JohnPac will have local distribution in Texas! Yes, located in central Houston will be our newest
JohnPac warehouse. This new location is designed to support existing customers’ needs while also having the capacity to support our strong and robust
Texas growth.

To understand the importance of JohnPac’s expansion, one only needs to understand that the size of the Houston packaging market represents over $200,000,000
in opportunities! Yes, JohnPac currently delivers daily into the market but we also understand the need to adapt to our customers’ needs by providing
local support for security of supply and emergency same-day delivery capabilities. This local footprint will be the foundation for future growth as
we move westward! Finally, today is an exciting time for the JohnPac team as we adapt and send a positive message that JohnPac is a dynamic and growing
business within the North American packaging market.