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At JohnPac, we have tons of knowledge and expertise for the various products and services we offer. We would like to introduce Samantha Lowman who is a pail expert in our assortment of pail and carboy products. She represents many of our customers in the Houston, Texas metro area and the southeast Texas region. Samantha brings valuable knowledge you can benefit from, saving you time and money on common and costly errors.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that will start you on the right foot to acquire the right container from our pail expert at JohnPac.

Interviewer: What are the most common variations of pails you get requests?

Samantha: I get a lot of requests for steel pails, 3.5 gallon through 5 gallon open head, plain or with spouted lid. These steel pails range from 24 gauge to 29 gauge and come lined or unlined. Also in steel pails. I get asked about 5 gallon steel tight heads with a 63 mm opening for crimp on flexspouts. These also come in 24 to 29 gauge and are lined or unlined. In plastic pails, I get requests for 1 gallon up to 7 gallon open head pails. These plastic pails come in both Non UN or UN rating with a plain lid or spouted lid. I get asked about carboys, mostly 5 gallon or 20 liter, UN rated, with 70 MM screw cap.

Interviewer: What are typical types of products that go into a pails?

Samantha: Pails are very versatile and service many industries. Some of your most common products come from chemicals, paint and coatings, solvents, lube and oils.

 Interviewer: What have been some problems or product failures of pails?

Samantha: I honestly have not dealt with very many issues. It is very important that if a customer needs a lined pail, that they know exactly what lining they need. There are a couple of different types of linings that will have negative effects with certain chemicals and peel off. It is also very important for customers not to mix different manufacturers of pails and lids. This will void any UN rating and potentially cause them to leak.

Interviewer: Can you tell me a story about a product failure you had to overcome? How did you fix the issue and make the customer happy?

Samantha: I have not had a product failure with JohnPac on pails. I have had a previous failure with another company where I worked however. One time I had a customer using a 90 mil pail for an oilfield production chemical. A lot of times, the product in pails is stored outside when you have small sites. Due to the heat and the volatility of the product, the pails were expanding and not maintaining their stacking capabilities. We then switched them to a more rigid 100 mil UN pail and a lid that was spouted with a vent in the spout. The vent allowed the heated air in the pail to escape. This solved their issue.

Interviewer: What are some things you wish the customer knew about pails that would make your customer relationships more successful.

Samantha: It is very important to know what you are packaging, what size you need if the product is hazardous or not (does it need to be UN rated), and what kind of lining on a steel pail you would require if needed.

Have more questions you would like to ask our pail expert, Samantha, in regards to pail products?  Call and request Samantha at (866) 916-2247. You can also complete the Contact Us or Request a Quote form to ask your questions at We look forward to assisting you.

Samantha Lowman