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At JohnPac, we have tons of knowledge and expertise for the various products and services we offer. We would like to introduce Roger Kelley who is one of our experts in our assortment of small woven (PP) polypropylene bags. He represents many of our customers in the states of Louisiana and Texas. Roger brings valuable knowledge you can benefit from, saving you time and money on common and costly errors.

Below are some questions we asked Roger about his experience working with small woven (PP) polypropylene bags through the years.

Interviewer: Roger, how would you introduce yourself to your small woven PP bags customer base?

Roger: I start with a humble introduction about myself. “My name is Roger Kelley, and I have thoroughly enjoyed selling top quality printed poly woven bags for JohnPac for over six years now. I come from a “down to earth”, country background, just like the feed mill owners and operators that I service. I have been successful at developing personal, trustworthy relationships with our JohnPac small bag customers, because it is not a job; it is a pleasure. I am in my element selling small bags to customers.”


Interviewer: What gives us a leg up on the competition when it comes to small woven PP bags?

Roger: Compared to our competition, we provide our customers with well-rounded knowledge and experience that can only come from being both a bag manufacturer and importer. We offer the following types of printed polypropylene woven bags manufactured at our facility in Crowley, Louisiana, as well as imported:

  1. Plain Printed small woven PP bags
  2. Laminated Surface Printed small woven PP bags
  3. BOPP Surface Printed small woven PP bags
  4. BOPP Reverse Printed small woven PP bags


Interviewer: What are small woven PP bags used for?

Roger: Our diversified customer base uses our bags for rice, corn, seeds, fertilizer, animal feeds and mixes.  Poly woven bags are proven time and time again to be the best material for providing puncture resistance, as well as a tremendous medium for the photographic grade marketing of our customers’ products and messages. 


Interviewer: Tell me a story of a small woven PP bag failure you had to overcome, and how did you address the issue?

Roger: A couple of years back while I was still relatively new to the bag business, I suffered a major setback at a promising new customer’s facility.  They had ordered an $80,000 container of import bags from me, and we could not get them to work properly on their bagging equipment.  Of course, me being somewhat inexperienced, I took all the blame for bags that were too slick and would not stack properly on a pallet. It was awful, or so I thought. In 2020, the same thing was happening at a new customer’s location and all I could think was, “Here we go again!”. In less than 30 minutes time, the employee in charge of making adjustments to the robot had the bags stacking beautifully and could not force the palletized bags to slide off the pallet while racing and turning through their warehouse prior to stretch wrapping. Talk about a load off my mind when realizing it was never our bags causing the problems; rather, all that was needed was for adjustments to be made on their robotic equipment. Knowledge of not only bags, but how the bags perform on our customers equipment comes standard at JohnPac!

Interviewer: Roger, what would you tell your customers to make a positive impact on your relationship with them?

Roger: Birds of a feather, flock together.  I believe I am good people, working for good people, to serve good people!

Have more questions you would like to ask Roger in regards to small woven PP bags?  Call and request Roger at (866) 916-2247. You can also complete the Contact Us or Request a Quote form to ask your questions at We look forward to assisting you.