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Last September, JohnPac gained a new co-worker when a stray male cat with a wonky ear showed up and refused to leave. At first, he would run away when
you approached him, then, once he felt a little more comfortable, he would run toward you and hiss. He wanted to make sure you knew he was in charge.
Now, after seven months of getting to know us, he has become one of the most affectionate cats on the planet. Even the dog lovers around here like
him. It takes quite a personality for a cat to win over a dog person. He even won over our dog loving, bulldog owning CEO, Mary Ellen Henry. She is
the one who dubbed him Pork Chop.

In March, it became apparent that the folks at JohnPac had become Pork Chop’s people. We had him vetted for all manner of creepy crawlies and had him neutered
like any responsible pet owner would do. Does anyone ever really OWN a cat? Doc says he is about 3 years old and has a few missing teeth, but overall,
he is healthy.

Most days Pork Chop lounges around outside the co-worker entrance greeting everyone as they arrive, or if it is raining, he sleeps in his cat house on
a fluffy white towel. Is he spoiled? Most definitely. Lazy? Yes, but he is kind of cute so I think we will keep him.