Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

JohnPac, Inc. would like to be your supplier of multiwall paper bags. A few of the bags we can supply;

  • Pasted Valve Bags
    • Typical Application: Limestone, Cement, Resin
  • Sewn Bags
    • Typical Application: Feed
  • Pinch Bottom Bags
    • Typical Application: Resin, Pharmaceuticals
    • These bags can be supplied with multi-wall plies of 40 weight, 50 weight and 60 weight paper and
      we can also put a poly liner between the bags to protect from fiber and / or moisture contamination.

The Pasted Valve bags can also be supplied with high performance paper. High Performance paper is paper that
has cross directional fibers in the paper which makes the bags much stronger. In many cases with the high
performance paper your company can delete a paper ply. We can also add a poly liner ply with the high
performance paper for increased performance and product protection.

Please keep JohnPac in mind for your paper bag requirements and we will supply you with a great bag for your

Request a quote through our website or give us a call at 1-866-916-BAGS (2247).