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Bugs equal Loss

It is no secret that bugs are the sworn enemy of grain storage. Warehousing your bagged grain product for months without insect protection is gambling with your profits. Bugs can eat through the most resilient materials, even foil or plastic lined packaging, given enough time. In addition to product loss, your company’s quality reputation could be at stake. An insect infestation problem will most likely affect your company’s ability to retain and get new customers. 

JohnPac prides itself on manufacturing solutions. Our solution to this age old issue is PROVISIONGARD™. PROVISIONGARD™ prevents bugs from reproducing, such as Indian Meal Moth, Khapra Beetle, grain and flour beetles.


JohnPac offers PROVISIONGARD™ for our woven polypropylene bags in two forms.

  1. We can surface print PROVISIONGARD™ onto your woven bags. JohnPac uses a transparent liquid form allowing an even coating onto your bag. This simple solution is a popular method for plain (unlaminated) bags.
  2. We offer PROVISIONGARD™ woven into your small woven polypropylene bag. We have the ability to manufacture your small woven bag with PROVISIONGARD™ yarn. Special pellets are added along with our polypropylene pellets, melted down, and then extruded into yarn. The infused repellent yarn is threaded onto our looms where it is woven into the bag’s fabric.

PROVISIONGARD™ is FDA compliant and used by the USAID food packaging. For more information, please visit