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In late February, JohnPac sent one of their Customer Service Representatives, Courtney Knight, with
Ronnie Vienne, our Sales Manager, to make a sales call with a valued customer in Lafayette, LA, called Schilling Distributing. It’s always great to
have local businesses working with other local businesses.

JohnPac supplies Schilling Distributing with their Machine Film, Hand Wrap and Lantech repairs when needed with JohnPac’s in house Lantech Technician.
The Machine Film and Hand Wrap is used to wrap the pallets of beverages that Schilling receives and distributes. As you can see from the pictures,
Schilling goes through rolls and rolls of Machine Film and Hand Wrap in their 90,000 square foot warehouse.

Schilling Distributor’s huge facility stays at a temperature between 62 and 69 degrees year round to keep their merchandise at the correct temperature
for distributing. They also have a separate area in their warehouse for beer kegs that are kept at 36 degrees – very cold, especially if you are used
to the weather in Louisiana.

Schilling Distributing not only receives and distributes Alcoholic beverages to stores near you; their inventory also consists of many different Non-Alcoholic
beverages, ranging from sodas, to teas, to energy drinks, and more. If you are looking for a specific drink, download the App onto your phone.

Schilling feels we do an amazing job providing top quality packaging products, technical expertise and excellent customer service. Give JohnPac a call
at 866-916-2247 or request a quote today to see what we can do for you!