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Corrugated. Fiberboard. Cardboard.

Slip Sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets commonly made of corrugated, fiberboard and cardboard. Slip sheets act as pallet support devices offering economical material handling solutions during transportation. JohnPac understands supply chain and demanding environment slip sheets face. JohnPac inventories large variety of corrugated, cardboard and fiberboard grade sheets. JohnPac slip sheets are designed to meet the physical requirements of your production environment and supply chain.

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Slip Sheet Benefits include:

  • Significant reduction in material handling costs.
  • Anti-slip and Moisture resistant coating available, allowing use in humid or damp condition environment
  • Safety – prevents nails, broken boards or splinters from causing product damage
  • Food Grade – free from insects or mould
  • Eliminate need for pallet exchange
  • Layered Protection- using sheets between tiers or rows increases stability and prevents slippage, especially when load is stretch wrapped.

Have automated equipment that applies Slip Sheet?

Slip sheets applied by machine via suction cups often require corrugated or more economic coated fiberboard medium. Coated fiberboard slip sheets provide great cost benefits and moisture barrier in extreme environments. Are you using proper slip sheet for application? Call today!

Have you considered a push-pull slip sheet?

When paired with proper fork lift attachment, push-pull slip sheets allow safe transportation of product, eliminating need for pallets. Additionally, Push-pull slip sheets are gaining popularity in bagged products such as resin, specialty chemical, cement and consumer packaged goods. Companies using push-pull slip sheets vs. traditional pallets enjoy significant cost savings. JohnPac push-pull slip sheets are designed with structrucal strength in mind and have an extended lip providing proper clearance for fork lift operator.