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Are you ready to automate your packaging?

by | Jul 30, 2019 | News, StretchFilm-Equipment.MachineGrade.HandGrade.Convenience., Uncategorized

Your company is doing well. You are selling goods as fast as you can make them. It doesn’t seem like you can get the orders out fast enough. One option is to hire more hands to solve your output problem, but that would increase your overhead indefinitely. The alternative to hiring more people is to buy more equipment or machines. But what equipment should you buy? You are entering into the world of automation, where machines make the experience of producing a product to shipping a product much for efficient. 

It seems like an easy choice to make, choosing to go with more machines instead of hiring more people. Of course, as a professional business, you know it is not that easy.  Many of your equipment choices will require you to hire an individual to operate it. Also, machines are far from perfect. They break down. They can cause down time when not working properly. An extra expense would be to hire a technician on staff to fix this equipment. This scenario will put you right back into the meat of the problem which is increasing your overhead has you increase your output.

We are packaging machinery experts!

JohnPac can take the guess work out of purchasing the right packaging machinery. This is achieved through our expert staff that can custom design an automated packaging system where the equipment will work seamlessly with each other. Be apart of maximizing your product output through the use of our consultation and engineering documents. We also minimize frustration and down time and therefore cost by providing our own technicians to setup and solve machinery issues.