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It’s been almost a month since category 4 Hurricane Ida made landfall at 11:55 am Sunday, August 30 near Port Fouchan, Louisiana.  Clean up and recovery is still part of the new daily routine for emergency crews, contract workers, and citizens of the area.  Grand Isle, a small seasonal town with some permanent residents located just east of Port Fouchan, faced catastrophic destruction; no running water, no power, little communication, and mangled structures are just the tip of the situation facing this Louisiana community.

If you have kept up the debate on climate change, you are aware of rising sea levels.  You might also be aware that Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing. Grand Isle is the last inhabited barrier island in Louisiana.  The 8-square-mile island is part of a natural system where outlining islands slow down and help to dissipate the impact of tropical storms as they approach the main land.  One asset to Grand Isle storm defense is Burrito Levee.  Burrito Levee is a 13-foot-high surge protector made of weather resistant fabric stuffed with 760 cubic yards of sand pumped from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. It is essential for keeping the island high and dry during storms and high tides.

When Hurricane Ida passed bringing rushing water and pounding winds, Burrito Levee accumulated structural damage. A tried-and-true method of repairing breached levees is to reinforce the compromised areas of the structure with bulk bags filled with tightly packed sand. Pictured, you can see the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and Louisiana Nation Guard putting JohnPac bulk bags to work. JohnPac manufactures bulk bags in Crowley, Louisiana using weather resistant woven polypropylene.

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sandbags on Burrito Levee
man protecting Burrito Levee with sandbags