Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

In the world of supply chain, there are two avenues of vendor strategy.  One strategy is that you can work with a lot of different vendors.  The appeal to sourcing from a lot of different vendors can be supply assurance. The meaning is that you have a plan B or plan C vendor for when your plan A vendor can’t deliver for whatever reason. You also can have multiple vendors for different supplies to search for the best pricing. This strategy is good for when you have a young company. However, this strategy may not be good long-term.  As your business grows, it will take much man power to manage all these different suppliers.

The second strategy your business should consider is vendor consolidation.  This opposite approach to the first strategy is a good long-term solution for when you find trusted vendors. You can use your purchasing power to make a partnership with these high-quality suppliers. Your candidates for the top spots should be vendors that are adaptive and competitively priced. Another box these vendors need to check is on-time delivery.


JohnPac is a good choice as your long-term strategy vendor. We check off the boxes for on-time delivery, being agile, and supplying a SKU (stock keeping unit) list of 3600 industrial packaging products.

Here are other benefits for developing a supply chain partnership with us:

  • We can fill large volume orders. We even prefer large volume orders because it allows us to give you bulk savings. This reduces your cost per unit.
  • Reduced freight cost. When your order fills up a JohnPac truck, you get free delivery within 250 miles of our Crowley, Louisiana distribution center. For customers who are out of our immediate delivery zone, we pass cost savings to when you fill up one of our shipping containers.
  • We save you time. By trusting in us, we take up less of your company’s time. A huge aspect to having multiple vendors is the amount of time it takes to manage each vendor. We understand there are more lucrative things you could be spending your time on. Making sure we are providing you the service and goods you are paying for should not take away from the time of profitable tasks.

In short, a partnership with us as a trusted vendor will give your company a smoother purchasing experience. From our partnership you will have quality service plus competitive pricing and a relationship that will anticipate your needs.