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Members of the global manufacturing and shipping industries face a fluctuating and unpredictable economic landscape when it comes to international trade
regulations. Business leaders must stay actively informed about regulatory developments around the world so they can plan for their financial and logistical
impact. Many successful companies embrace flexible long-term strategies that can be adapted to fit new priorities or goals as needed.

While there is some oversight through guidelines established by the World Trade Organization (WTO), policies set by individual national governments can
have a substantial impact on commercial interests. The recent institution of several US anti-dumping duties targeted at Vietnam are a prime example
of how national policies can reshape industrial and transit operations.

Duties and Initiatives in 2018

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) announced several new investigations and antidumping duties (ADs) on Vietnamese exports in March and April 2018, including:

  • Laminated woven sacks
  • Tool chests and cabinets
  • Pangasius fish

Laminated woven sacks

In late March, the US Secretary of Commerce announced an investigation into the price of laminated woven sacks originating in Vietnam. A sharp increase
in trade cases regarding the product over the previous year was cited as a leading factor in the decision. The value of the sack imports from Vietnam
were estimated at more than $20 million in 2017.

Tool chests and cabinets

Vietnam and China were both targets of an antidumping duty regarding tool chests and cabinets, which was affirmed in early April. The initial investigation
reported that exporters were selling the product for substantially less than the established fair market value. The Vietnamese imports of these products
was valued at roughly $77 million in 2016.

Pangasius fish

Some Vietnamese officials have criticized a US duty imposed in March that has significant implications for the local fishing industry. The investigation
into these exports concluded on March 15, leading to a significantly higher toll on imported pangasius fish. The US has been a leading importer of
Vietnamese fish in recent years, so the policy shift has stirred some concern in the seafood industry.

Impact on International Commerce

Economists and analysts may debate dozens of different theories about the actual implications of these antidumping duties, but their effect on businesses
is usually more obvious and immediate. Higher taxes prompt businesses throughout the entire production and supply process to rethink their objectives
and methods. Concentrating investment and growth into new markets can be a smart move, but companies can also improve their manufacturing and shipping
procedures to reduce overall expenses to make up for higher tolls.

Secure and Flexible Packaging Solutions

The recent duties on Vietnam are only an example of potential volatility in international business operations. While there is no single method for reliably
overcoming an evolving economic climate, companies can maintain their strength and flexibility by forging strong business partnerships with trusted,
domestic manufactures like JohnPac. Finding reliable suppliers who can consistently deliver value in their service is an essential ingredient for long-term

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