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We all know plastics are a controversial topic because of environmental concerns. The negative reputation of plastic is largely due to irresponsible practices when discarding unwanted packaging and products made from it. On the other side of the argument, goods made of plastic, including woven polypropylene bags, have allowed humanity to thrive. This is because of cumulative properties you can’t find in wood, metal, glass, or even rubber. Plastics have literally shaped our modern world because they can be formed into anything we need.

There are multiple types of plastic, each with unique properties. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on Polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is JohnPac’s plastic of choice when it comes to manufacturing our woven bags. PP has many of the characteristics we need for high bag performance.

Beneficial properties of Polypropylene:

  • Polypropylene has good impact strength.
  • It is highly malleable and therefore can be extruded without degradation.
  • It is moisture resistant.
  • It is chemical resistant to a wide range of bases and acids.
  • It is recyclable.
  • It has low density making it a lightweight plastic.
  • It is cost-effective to produce.

Polypropylene in woven bag construction

In today’s world, packaging needs to protect, store, and transfer merchandise all at a low price point for customers. JohnPac woven PP bags do all that well. Polypropylene yarn, the composition of our woven fabric, stays strong throughout the extrusion process. The weaving process gives PP fabric properties such as elasticity, resistance to tears, and abrasions.

Woven PP bag fabric also has a high coefficient to friction which is great for stacking your bagged products. Our woven PP bags are lightweight and take up less space compared to rigid packaging solutions. JohnPac woven PP bags repel water and resist corrosive chemicals leaving your product uncontaminated.

Responsible recycling

PP is registered as recycle code #5. Recycled PP packaging can be melted and re-formed without damage to its structural integrity. JohnPac works with companies to recycle our PP post-industrial scrap where they turn it back into the resin. This resin goes on to make everyday products such as storage bins, dishware, and clothing.

JohnPac misprinted woven PP bags are also upcycled. They go on to be used at grain processing centers as industrial packaging.  Our woven PP fabric has also been upcycled into soft goods such as shopping totes, pencil cases, and inner pockets in backpacks.

Are woven polypropylene bags the right packaging solution for you?

Both our small woven PP bags and bulk bags serve as great packaging for dry, flowable goods. JohnPac woven bags have successfully packaged grains, feed, pet food, fertilizers, powders, chemicals, minerals, and more. We are a versatile manufacturer offering bags in many sizes, colors, fill and discharge features with a minimum quantity requirement. Our reverse BOPP bags display high graphics and can be used in retail spaces.

Already using a woven PP bag, but need a reliable supplier? If you would like a consultation, JohnPac welcomes any opportunity to spec out your existing bag and offer suggestions for improvement.


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