Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

Marketing and Branding
Industrial packaging can be used for more than transporting your product. You should consider printing your logo on your packaging to grab the attention of your target market. Think of your packaging as a mobile billboard. Everyone from transportation specialists, current customers, prospects, and warehouse to operations managers will see your branding. These vary people or opportunities will convey to their purchasing agent your companies name as it will be easier to remember. Industrial packaging items you should print your logo on include, drums, pails, stretch film, boxes, and tape.

Additional Security
Printing your logo on stretch film and tape could also serve as a form of tamper proof packaging.  If your packaged is disturbed, the logo printed on the tape of stretch film will no longer be aligned or distorted. 

Turn an overhead cost into a Return On Investment (ROI)
you need to purchase packaging. That is a given. Why not turn that expense into a multitasking solution. It’s simple. Protect your product while endorsing your company.

Consult us on branding opportunities for your container solutions. Our experts will work with you on printing graphics such as your company’s logo and safety information.

Need a specific size, color, or text on your containers? Tell us about your special needs so we can deliver your perfect storage and transportation solution.