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At JohnPac, we have tons of knowledge and expertise for the various products and services we offer. We would like to introduce Jeremy Pritchard who is one of our experts in our assortment of boxes and corrugated products. He represents many of our customers in the state of Louisiana and the southeast Texas region. Jeremy brings valuable knowledge you can benefit from, saving you time and money on common and costly errors.

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that will start you on the right foot to acquire the right container from JohnPac.

 Interviewer: What are some of the box styles your customers request?

Jeremy: The most common box is an RSC which stands for Regular Slotted Container.  This is when the flaps meet in the middle to be taped.  Another style of box is an FOL which stands for Full Overlap.  This is when the flaps overlap which makes the box stronger and the box can hold more weight.  Then there are differences in the thickness of boxes.  The most common is a 32ECT or 44ECT.  The ECT stands for Edge Crush Test.  If the customer needs a stronger box, the box can be double-walled.

Interviewer: What have been some problems or product failures of boxes?

Jeremy: There are very little problems when it comes to boxes, but sometimes the manufacturer has a failure and doesn’t add the score lines to the box so the flaps cannot be folded properly to make the box.  If this happens, JohnPac will switch out the defective boxes for boxes with the proper score lines on them.

Interviewer: Tell me a story of a box failure you had to overcome and how did you fix the issue to make the customer happy?

Jeremy: I had a customer call me and said they had boxes collapsing at the bottom of a pallet. When I showed up to their location, I noticed they were putting the product in the box and then storing them in a freezer.  The moisture would weaken the box at the bottom and they would collapse. I also noticed the boxes were hanging off the pallets.  To solve the weakening of the boxes, we redesigned their box and made it stronger using a 44ECT box.  We also resized the box to fit the pallet properly so there was no overhang.  This also allowed the customer to inter lock the stack pattern for better load stability. The customer has not had the problem since.

Interviewer: What are some things you wish the customer knew about boxes that would make your customer relationship more successful?

Jeremy: Some customers have asked us to make a complicated box like a pizza box.  I wish they knew that to make these boxes there is a die charge and a printing plate charge.  A die charge could be around $1,000, but the good news is it is a onetime charge so the volume has to be there to warrant this expense.

Have more questions you would like to ask Jeremy in regards to corrugated products?  Call and request Jeremy at (866) 916-2247. You can also complete the Contact Us or Request a Quote form to ask your questions at We look forward to assisting you.