Are you using the correct Hand Wrap or Machine Film for your packaging needs?
Are you using the best economical film with the best load holding ability?

As a world class supplier of packaging equipment and materials, JohnPac, Inc. carries an enormous selection of stretch film products in varying lengths, widths, and gauges from top manufacturers including Berry Plastics and Amtopp.

Stretch films are application dependent applied by machine or hand. Machine stretch film is better suited for high volume environments where quality, speed and consistency are crucial. Hand stretch film is more versatile at times allowing user to wrap pallet in any location.

  • Are you using the correct Hand Wrap or Machine Film?
  • Are you using the best grade for your applications?
  • How many pallets are you wrapping per day?
  • Are your pallet loads Type A, Type B, or Type C?

Type A

Type B

Type C

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Need a hand dispenser? JohnPac, Inc.’s hand-held dispensers are ergonomic which reduces fatigue and the need for bending as packages are assembled.

Curious about Stretch Wrapping Machines? JohnPac, Inc. offers Lantech’s top notch stretch wrapping machines to smooth the production and shipping process of your pallets. We are proud of our 20+ year relationship with Lantech and are ready to service any machine we sell.

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