JohnPac Feature On KATC

It's no secret that south Louisiana is well-educated on natural disasters, and how to handle the aftermath, like flooding. So, it comes as no surprise when similar circumstances happen in ot ..Read More

1000 Days Without a LTA!

Today, for the first time, the employees of JohnPac achieved a significant milestone by working 1,000 days without incurring a lost time accident (LTA)! Congratulations to all! For almost three ye ..Read More

Advantages of Custom Bopp Bags

In the early 1950’s, JohnPac Inc. made its debut. Owned and operated by Mitchell John, JohnPac began supplying the rice industry with burlap and cotton bags. In 1980, Mitchell’s sons Peter and Dav ..Read More

VP Sales & Marketing-West Div

Jim Lancaster, VP Sales and Marketing at JohnPac, has had an entrepreneur spirit his entire life. Soon after graduating from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration (BA) ..Read More

JohnPac’s New Addition Darren Ivicevich

JohnPac would like introduce everyone to their new Sales Representative, Darren Ivicevich. Joining the JohnPac team in July of 2016, Darren brings a strong sales background with a 25-year history  ..Read More

JohnPac Opens Texas Division

During our annual sales meeting there was much discussion around adaptation and how adapting to an individual’s environment allows for sales growth and synergies. At the macro level - JohnPac’s ef ..Read More

Pecan Island School Lodge

Need a little JohnPac relaxation? Check out JohnPac’s own retreat of leisure, hunting, fishing and more at the Pecan Island School Lodge ( JohnPac of ..Read More